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Russian ISP uses Instagram prank to promote new 4G package. Only in Russia…

Stephen Hawking on #WC2014 for @PaddyPower (although regression analysis is more statistics than physics #mathsnerd)

Nigel Farage’s European Holiday from LastMinute. Nice tactical around #Vote2014

Hewden Dumpers doing a brilliant spoof of Nike Brazil Airport #WorldCup ad from the late nineties

This European Election ad from Denmark is probably the most insane political ad ever. Go Voteman!

First footage from @TheSimpsons @LEGO_Group episode. Nice brand tie up (and love the new set!)

First awesome spot of the #WorldCup - @neymarjr  versus @KBlock43 for @castrol​ #NeymarJRvBlock

Tetley Tea Time: Very cool use of the pause button on VOD to prompt a cheeky tea break

wiedenkennedy have dug up their first ever @Nike spots. They’ve come a long way! Love the retro graphics