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Henry Heng has one of the catchiest election songs ever written. If I lived in WA, I would vote for him. Maybe

Bebo’s new relaunch trailer is hilarious. Going after the snapchat demographic ;)

An American Coach in London. Brilliant short film for the Premier League on NBC. Hilarious

New Ikea iPad catalogue lets you place furniture in your house with AR. Very slick. Surprised no one has thought of this befroe

Amazing internal video for Mercedes Benz Service agents. You’ll be singing this all day. Maybe…

Here is the tv spot for the @adidasoriginals @atrak x @officialrundmc campaign. Flashy #unitealloriginals

New @AdidasFootball spot for @TeamMessi. Funky LCD action

TommyPom from Tumblr is in a Smirnoff ad (and it has a Tumblr). Online celebs now mainstream (and he is fluffy)

Internet Explorer rate vs US Murder rate. An odd correlation! 

Internet Explorer rate vs US Murder rate. An odd correlation!