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Liam’s Adlympics Review

(Disclaimer - I work on adidas, an official sponsor, so I won’t feature them in the list. But they had a great campaign in the UK!)

Best Campaign - Meet the Superhumans/Thanks for the warm up - Channel 4 Paralympics. Incredibly powerful A/V content mixed with very smart media piggyback campaign after the Olympic closing ceremony http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tuAPPeRg3Nw

Worst Campaign - CAN/Olympic Sponsorship - Commonwealth Bank. A TVC featuring an Olympic ‘loser’ losing, a failed flashmob in London for ex-pats and a not-funny-in-the-slightest London bombing gag video. Awful followed by even worse. http://mumbrella.com.au/backpack-bomb-hoax-features-in-new-commbank-olympics-promo-107499

Best non-sponsor Campaign - Korean Flag - Specsavers. Cheeky stuff - but got the column inches and a smile from the nation (maybe not the DPRK) http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2012/07/27/olympic-adverts-specsavers_n_1708760.html

Best pre-Olympics Campaign - Various 2010-2012 - Cadbury. Lots of great little activations over a twenty four month period. Goo Games is a personal fave.

Most Underrated Campaign - The Sound of Home Advantage - British Airways. Using twitter volume and sentiment to make amazing Orchestral tracks. Genius http://homeadvantage.ba.com/symphony/

Biggest Winner - Twitter - What the hell is Facebook anyway? Hashtag campaigns all over the place, athlete popularity measured in TPS, an amazing second screen for the events (especially the ceremonies). Oh, and a live tweet during the opening ceremony. Twitter confirms it’s place as the cool kid of social media

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